Link Outside is a prison outreach organization transforming the lives of incarcerated men and women across the United States. We use an innovative rehabilitation model of personalized engagement, Islamic spiritual knowledge, mentoring, and access to college-level education.

Mail Correspondence

We respond personally to handwritten letters we receive from inmates requesting Islamic education.

Prison Visits

We mentor inmates in learning their deen and preparing for reentry. Over the past two years, we’ve increased prison visits by over 350%.

Book Donations

We respond to Islamic education requests with book donations and “The Link Outside” newsletter.

College Coursework

We help prevent recidivism by providing access to college-level correspondence courses at California Islamic University.

Are you a Mosque/Islamic Organization?

Link Outside can respond to the prison mail that your masjid or Islamic organization receives.  Our organization has worked with many of the major Islamic institutions in Southern California for over five years.  We also donate Islamic literature, including copies of the Qur’an, to prisons at no cost. Our services can save your organization time and money.

Are you a Correctional Chaplain/Community Outreach Coordinator?

Link Outside is an established non-profit organization that has over five years of prison outreach experience.  We are recognized both within the local Muslim community and the correctional chaplaincy community for the work we do.  Our organization offers religious services visitations in Southern California as well as mail correspondence. The Islamic literature that we donate to chapel libraries has been approved to meet the needs of the inmate population. Incarcerated Muslims and inmates from all faiths have spoken highly of our programs.  Link Outside is a valuable partner for your institutions’ rehabilitation and reentry programming.

Link Outside has been operating for over five years as a prison outreach service, servicing to the spiritual, social and educational well-being of incarcerated men and women in the United States. The organization operates out of the Islamic Institute of Orange County’s Outreach Committee and is administered by religious scholars, community organizers and volunteers.

Link Outside is an IIOC Intitiative.